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VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (by Avi Networks) offers a range of professional services that ensure your ‘on-prem’ and public cloud deployments, migrations, and automation projects are a huge success. We will refer to them as Avi professional services below for short.

Our exceptionally talented team of consultants have decades of experience in core networking; application delivery; public, private and multi-cloud; security; analytics and automation and DevOps. They provide coverage across North America, EMEA, and APJ.


  • A wealth of expertise in implementing ADC migrations (including iRules and Ansible scripts)
  • Guaranteed best-practice configuration
  • Cost and risk reduction by using trained deployment and migration experts
  • Implement consistent, automated deployments across ecosystems



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Avi Professional Services by Stage

Types of Services We Offer

Consulting Services

Migration Service (F5 LTM/GTM, Citrix NetScaler, Cisco ACE, Custom)

  • Automated or manual conversion of existing ADC configuration including associated iRules/traffic management scripts
  • Validation of converted configuration with detailed reports and functional testing
  • Optional assistance with application traffic cutovers & onboarding

Deployment Service

  • Design Avi server load balancer (SLB), GSLB, container or iWAF solution for customer environment with the option for manual or automated deployment across supported eco-systems
  • Deploy required Avi Infrastructure and optionally create new applications and related objects

Scheduled Standby Service

  • Onsite/Remote standby for peak traffic windows

Automation Service

  • Create playbooks for Avi deployment/configuration on Ansible/Terraform or automation platform of choice
  • Integrate with self-service/automation/orchestration frameworks using Avi SDK and/or Ansible roles
  • Assist customer DevOps teams with integration with existing automation workflows

Configuration Audit Service

  • Audit deployed Avi infrastructure per operational best practices
  • Perform extensive multi-faceted health checks and provide recommendations

Guided PoV Service

  • Execute Avi design, deployment, migration and acceptance testing per defined PoV scope

Premium Services

Deployment Engineer/Customer Success Engineer/Resident Engineer

  • On-site Consulting, Support and Escalation resource
  • Helps with PoV, design, deployment, app migration, upgrades, and support issues
  • Accelerates Operationalization
  • Provides Knowledge Transfers
  • Coordinate feature releases, beta programs and RFEs with Avi Engineering & PM teams
  • More offering details here:

Technical Account Manager (TAM)


Architecture & Operations

  • Avi 101 standard Architecture & Operations Training (2 days)
  • Advanced Operations and Troubleshooting Training (1 day add-on to 2 day Avi 101 training)
  • Avi GSLB Design, Deployment & Best Practices (1 day add-on to 2 day Avi 101 training)
  • Avi GSLB Deployment, Best Practices & Troubleshooting (2 days, Standalone)
  • Avi iWAF Deployment and Best Practices (2 days, Standalone)


  • Avi REST APIs Training (1 day add-on to 2 day Avi 101 training)
  • Avi Ansible or Terraform Integration training (1 day add-on to 2 day Avi 101 training)


  • Avi on OpenShift/Kubernetes Design & Deployment (2 days, Standalone)
  • Avi on OpenShift/Kubernetes Troubleshooting (1 day add-on to 2 day Avi Openshift training)

Ecosystem Integration

  • Avi Ecosystem Integration (Azure, AWS, Cisco CSP, VMware, GCP, etc., 1 day add-on to 2 day
    Avi 101 training)

Custom Training Content


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